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Fri, 10 Feb 2023

How to know if a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure is right for you

For most, booking a snow school lesson is a luxurious add-on. Especially if you already know how to ski or snowboard. Trust us, the I’ll-just-figure-it-out mentality is an honourable approach to take on a ski vacation. Especially at resorts you’ve never been to before. But here’s the thing, time is precious and do you really want to be spending your Banff ski vacation zigzagging across the mountain? Struggling to find your favourite terrain? That’s where a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure could be a huge help.  


Different from a private lesson or group lesson, a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure focuses on touring you around the three resorts of SkiBig3 (Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Mt. Norquay) versus perfecting your turns and technique. While our SkiBig3 Guides will undoubtedly offer you some pointers (especially if you ask), they will mainly focus on watching you, listening to you, and learning what type of terrain you love so you can spend more precious ski time sending it and less time searching for those memory-making runs


SkiBig3 Guided Adventures are an ideal choice for:




  • Blue/black skiers and snowboarders



  • Ikon pass holders



  • Groups of 5-8



  • Those who have never travelled to SkiBig3 before





If any of the following scenarios sound like you, maybe it’s time to consider a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure on your next ski vacation to Banff and Lake Louise. 



What is a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure? 


More than just a local


SkiBig3 offers a unique alternative to a traditional group or private lesson: a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure. It’s like having a local take you around for the day, showing you all the best terrain. But rather than being just a local, they are an interpreter and professional ski or snowboard instructor. With this, comes benefits like a deeper understanding of Banff National Park's cultural and natural heritage, lift line priority, professional tips to improve your technique, and most importantly someone that is focused on your needs – your timetable, your terrain wish list, your ideal ski day.  


Meet at all three mountains


Given our area's unique proximity to three world-class ski resorts, SkiBig3 Guided Adventures is a unique program only available in Banff and Lake Louise. Our SkiBig3 Guides can meet you at any resort; you can book the same guide for multiple days. When guests find a SkiBig3 Guide that they click with, it's not uncommon to see guests book the same SkiBig3 Guide year after year, as they return to SkiBig3.  


Made for groups of 5-8


A SkiBig3 Guided Adventure can accommodate 5 skiers or snowboarders, within the same ability level, and additional guests can be added (for a small fee per day) for a total group size of 8 guests. Half-day mornings, half-day afternoons, and full days are available, the most popular option being our full day SkiBig3 Guided Adventure. 


How do you book a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure? 


Our SkiBig3 Guided Adventures can be booked through our SkiBig3 Reservations Team by calling 1 844 754 2443. If you don’t have time to call, you can also make an email inquiry to and they will respond to you as soon as possible.  


8 signs a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure is right for you 


1. You’re already a blue or black skier or snowboarder 


If you already feel comfortable on blue terrain or black terrain, chances are you don’t feel the need to pay for snow school. If you can already get down in one piece, why bother right? But even though you know how to ski or snowboard, that still doesn't solve the problem of eating up time trying to navigate a new resort. At your home mountain, we bet you can find those tasty powder pockets and strategically sunlit slopes like the back of your hand – not wasting one precious minute of ski time to find the best line. At SkiBig3, we’ve got 8000 acres of skiable terrain across all three resorts – a huge amount of snow to cover before finding what areas you like best! When you book a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure, a 5-minute conversation and a run to check out your ability level are all your SkiBig3 Guide needs to take you to an area that you’ll love. That’s time, and money, well spent.


skibig3 guided adventures - lake louise 01 All blue and/or black skiers? A SkiBig3 Guided Adventure is ideal for your group. | Photo at Lake Louise Ski Resort by John Price


2. You’re going to all three resorts 


SkiBig3 Guided Adventures are unique because, unlike booking directly with one resort, the same SkiBig3 Guide can meet at all three mountains. After your booking is confirmed, our Reservations Team will connect you directly with your SkiBig3 Guide and you’ll have the chance to email, text, or call them to build a multi-mountain plan of attack for your Banff ski vacation. They are familiar with all three mountains equally, most of them being long-time Banff and Lake Louise locals of ten years or more! 


skibig3 guided adventures -norquay - 02 Our SkiBig3 Guides can meet you at any resort. They know all of them equally. Most of our SkiBig3 Guides are long-time locals. | Photo at Mt. Norquay


3. You’re hesitant about exploring new terrain


There’s nothing worse than stumbling across a field of moguls (ugh) or coming to an abrupt stop at the crest of a pitch that looks a tadddd too steep for comfort. There’s only one way down is a brave approach, but sometimes not the most fun or forgiving way to explore the mountain. Skip those moments altogether by booking a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure. Sure, braving down pitiless pitches makes for some tall tales at apres, but what makes for even better stories is snorkelling through powder only you were able to find.  


skibig3 guided adventures - banff sunshine - 03 With 8000 acres, 29 lifts, and 362 runs - there's LOTS of snow to explore at SkiBig3. | Photo of the TeePee Town LX chair lift at Banff Sunshine


4. You’re an Ikon pass holder 


Got an Ikon pass? Perfect. That makes visiting SkiBig3 even easier. Not only do you get exclusive Ikon Pass discounts on Banff and Lake Louise lodging, but in the same phone call with our SkiBig3 Reservations team you can book a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure as well. Skip the ticket window and scan at any of our three amazing mountains – Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Mt. Norquay – on your Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass.  


ski-vacation-early-bird-ikon-pass-sign-banff-sunshine Unlock lodging discounts in Banff and Lake Louise with your Ikon Pass or Mountain Collective pass. | Photo at Banff Sunshine


5. You love getting straight onto lifts (no lines) 


If all these reasons haven’t convinced you yet, this one will. No. Lift. Lines. 


When you’re on a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure, you get lift line priority, meaning you can slide past everyone else waiting in line and jump to the front of the queue. No lines. More skiing. Do we need to say more? 


Better than Disney World - enjoy lift line priority at SkiBig3. | Photo at Banff Sunshine


6. You love fresh snow 


Okay, this one may be obvious. Who doesn’t love light, fluffy untouched snow? Finding fresh snow is like waking up on Christmas morning, walking into a surprise party and finding the last Easter egg all at once. It’s that heart-lifting feeling of surprise and excitement, the kind that escapes your face in the form of a smug grin or insuppressible “yewww!”. It’s already anticipating the feeling of your skis or board lifting and sailing across silk. Find that feeling here, skiing in Banff and Lake Louise. A SkiBig3 Guided Adventure can help. 


skibig3 guided adventures - norquay - 06 Name a better feeling than fresh tracks. We'll wait. | Photo on Lone Pine, at Mt. Norquay by Dan Thompson


7. You’re travelling with a group of 5-8 people 


SkiBig3 Guided Adventures are perfect for families or friends travelling in groups of 5- 8 for three main reasons: 




  • You'll avoid bickering about which run to choose 



  • Everyone can try terrain they will enjoy 



  • Your party can split the cost and save  





All our SkiBig3 Guided Adventure prices account for up to 5 guests. However, if your group is a bit bigger, you can increase your party size to 8, with a small extra fee per guest, per day. Yes, skiers and snowboarders are welcome to join the same SkiBig3 Guided Adventure and Yes you need to be in the same ability range to make it the best experience possible, for everyone.


skibig3 guided adventures - lake louise - 07 SkiBig3 Guided Adventures are designed for groups of 5-8. | Photo at Lake Louise Ski Resort


8. You’re on a tight schedule  


If you’re planning a quick trip to Banff and Lake Louise or building a short itinerary, every second counts! If you’ve only got one day (or even a half day) at each resort, a SkiBig3 Guide can show you the perfect loop around each mountain. They'll help you see the highlights, snap a picture at the best viewpoints, find the freshest snow, and get the best bang for your buck!  


skibig3 guided adventures - banff sunshine - 03 Hit the best viewpoints in a short amount of time with the help of a SkiBig3 Guide. | Photo at Lake Lousie Ski Resort by John Price


Want to book a SkiBig3 Guided Adventure? 


Give our SkiBig3 Reservations Team a call at 1 844 754 2443. If you don’t have time to call, you can also make an email inquiry to and they will respond to you as soon as possible.


Why not make it a whole package? 


SkiBig3 offers Ski & Stay packages – including rentals, SkiBig3 Lift Tickets, accommodation, snow school, and non-ski activities – to make it as seamless as possible for you to book a Canada ski vacation. To book your next Banff ski trip with SkiBig3, check out our featured Ski & Stay vacation packages or call us at 1-844-754-2443.