SkiBig3 Snow School Team

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SkiBig3 Snow School Team

The SkiBig3 Snow School team are top-level CSIA and CASI certified instructors. Some of our team members have been teaching with SkiBig3 for over 20 years! Learn their stories and what they love most about Banff and Lake Louise. 

SkiBig3 Snow School Anna Steckle

Anna Steckle | Ski

Anna was hired to teach Nonstop for SkiBig3 in 2007. Two years later she became the lead instructor. In this role, she helped with the development and training of the program – she is responsible for all operations and she is the anchor of Nonstop. 

Nonstop is a program that runs all over Europe and in Canada. Anna ties us with the Fernie Nonstop program to ensure the Canadian program is aligned.

Along with the instructing side, Anna is fondly known as the “mother hen” of Nonstop, ensuring all clients in this program are well taken care of during their time in Banff. Anna is a true mentor and ambassador for SkiBig3 and has helped hundreds of students in their “gap” year gain their level 1 & 2 Ski Instructor certification.

CSIA Level 4 Instructor

Brian BakeR | Snowboard

Brian started with SkiBig3 in the 1998/1999 season and has been with us consecutively every season since, making him the longest-standing SkiBig3 employee ever, at 21 years. 

This is the longest-standing job of Brian’s life and he says it has been an incredible journey. First starting out with Club Snowboard, Brian has also been a part of the earlier Fairmont private lesson program and has been with the Nonstop program since it began in 2005. Brian is incredibly passionate about his sport and said that he has met so many talented, awesome people and made lifelong friendships.

CASI Level 4 Instructor

SkiBIg3 Snow School Brian Baker
SkiBig3 Snow School Charlie Valentine

Charlie Valentine | Ski

Bio coming soon!

CSIA Level 3 Instructor

Dave Honeyman | Ski

People call me Dave ‘DK’ Honeyman, and I currently live in Banff, but I’m a lifelong resident of Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. I’ve been a member of CSIA for 40 years and I’m a CSIA Course Conductor, ACA Course Facilitator and NCCP Coach Theory Course Facilitator. Living here in Canada’s best mountains and one of North America’s longest snow seasons, I enjoy and look forward to our unique seasonal changes most. In the summer I am an ACMG licensed national park Summer Guide. What’s my local tip? Hire a guide with local knowledge to get the most out of your experience.

CSIA Level 3 Instructor, ACA Performance Level Coach, CSIA Course Conductor

SkiBig3 Snow School Dave Honeyman
SkiBig3 Snow School Jake van Veggel

Jake van Veggel | Ski

I’ve been ski instructing since 2013. What I love most about Banff and Lake Louise is driving in and seeing the sunrise across the mountaintops every morning. I’ll never get tired of living in a postcard. My local tip: don’t forget about Mt. Norquay on a powder day. The lift lines are shorter and if you know where to look there is some amazing terrain that is often overlooked.

CSIA Level 3 Instructor

Jamie Robinson | Ski

I am a CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructor and Level 1 Course Conductor. What I love the most about Banff and Lake Louise is that I have over 8,000km squared of skiable terrain between the three-ski resorts. If I could give one tip it would be to bring snacks and drink lots of water! When you are in a playground as large as Banff and Lake Louise, little adventures can easily get bigger. So don’t forget the tasty treats and something to wash them down with!

CSIA Level 3 Instructor, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

SkiBig3 Snow School Jamie Robinson

Kelsey GahnSmith | Snowboard

The thing I love most about Banff and Lake Louise is the access to trails into the quiet wilderness of the National Park winter and summer. My local tip: if you take the early shuttles to the ski hills, don’t spend the whole ride looking at your phone. These are the times I have seen the most interesting and rare wildlife! Take a look on the other side of the fences and near wildlife underpasses, there are typically loads of tracks here and deer can be spotted often. Along the river and in open meadow areas are where you’re most likely to spot animals. Keep an eye up in the trees too, some of the bald eagles can be seen throughout winter near the Bow River.

CASI Level 3 Instructor, CASI Park Level 1 Instructor

SkiBig3 Snow School Kelsey GahnSmith
SkiBig3 Snow School Linda Scaravelli

Linda Scaravelli | Ski

Linda began working for SkiBig3 in 2003 for the very first year of Fairmont Snow School along with Brian, Maja, Marc and Carlo. Linda worked with us from 2003 until 2009, taking time off to have babies in-between. She returned to SkiBig3 in 2012, and has been with us each and every year since.

CSIA Level 3 Instructor

Maja Beck | Ski

I am a long-time resident of Banff and I enjoy the healthy and active lifestyle in the Rockies to the fullest. Born and raised in the Swiss Alps, skiing is second nature to me. I was a member of the Swiss Development Ski Team and then afterwards decided to share my understanding of the sport as a ski instructor. I obtained my full Swiss ski instructing qualification followed by the CSIA (Canadian) Level 3 certification. Working with people and sharing the excitement of learning how to acquire the skill and enjoy the sport at any level is my passion. With my background in business I understand customer relations and love to show guests the best our resorts have to offer.

CSIA Level 3 Instructor

SkiBig3 Snow School Maja Beck
SkiBig3 Snow School Marc Tanguay

Marc Tanguay | Snowboard

Originally from Montreal, QC, I speak both French and English. This is my 27th season teaching and coaching snowboarding in Banff and Lake Louise. I love chasing deep snow at Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort and Mt. Norquay and making sure SkiBig3 guests experience fresh tracks regardless of their ability levels! When I’m not at the resorts, I’m typically in the backcountry snowmobiling.

Snowboarding is a lifestyle that I love sharing with people. From the equipment, the apparel and of course the on-snow technique, turning guests “on” to snowboarding and into lifelong snowboarders is a real passion. This area offers such great snow, awesome snow parks, amazing views, no crowds and an overall casual laid back vibe that keeps people coming back year after year. Looking forward to riding with you and assisting with all your snowboarding needs and sharing all that this area has to offer!

CASI Level 4 Instructor, CASI Evaluator

Mark Wilcox | Ski

A skier for life, I was born on skis at 2 years old and I’m still chasing the turns at 41. Every winter weekend throughout my childhood, the entire family would pile in the old station wagon and head up to Mansfield Ski Club in Southern Ontario.  From the ages of 5-18 I was part of a race program, then when I turned 18, the athlete became the coach and I achieved my CSIA and CSCF Level 1 certifications.  Since then, I have become a CSIA Level 4 Instructor, Level 2 Examiner and a CSCF level 2 coach.

Skiing and sharing my love for the sport has always been my motivation – absolutely nothing beats the feeling you get in your body and soul when connected to the mountain with the wind in your face as you learn to fly. The excitement of sharing these moments never fades. My life as a ski professional has taken me to so many fantastic resorts and connected me with many lifelong friends. After working at Park City, Utah, and Whistler Blackcomb, BC, I knew there was something special about Banff and the three resorts in the National Park. There is a shared feeling among all that live and visit here that the natural world is worth protecting. The deep, dry powder and incredible variety of terrain will fulfill the desires of any skier or snowboarder that visits.

My local tip is to really take the time to explore Banff: grab some skates and head out to Johnson Lake, grab the cross country skis and head out to the trails at Lake Minnewanka, or jump on the Sulphur Mountain gondola and head up to the Sky Bistro for lunch and really see a view that never gets old.

CSIA Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Level 2 Examiner, CSCF Level 2 Coach

SkiBig3 Snow School Mark Wilcox
SkiBig3 Snow School Mike Debrisay

Mike DesBrisay | Ski

My love of Banff and the Canadian Rockies began many years ago when I was here for the Canadian Ski Championships from Eastern Canada. I then moved to the mountains to pursue my passion in the ski world, after retiring as a competitor. I have many years of high-level ski racing, coaching and teaching experience which gives me a wealth of knowledge to help clients begin skiing and/or improve their skills at all levels. I take great pleasure in teaching clients in a simple, non-technical way that is fun and enjoyable.

What I love most about Banff and Lake Louise is its protection by Banff National Park and that it has visitors from all over the world, giving it a cosmopolitan feel (along with being a fabulous year-round playground). 

I’ve been working with SkiBig3 for over 20 years and I’ve had my CSIA Level 4 for over 50 years! Over the years, I’ve been heavily involved with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) and I was chair of the CSIA Alberta Committee from 1974 – 1976. I was also on the national board of directors from 1991-1999, while also being the president of the CSIA from 1995-1999. 

I am honoured to have been inducted into the CSIA Hall of Fame in 2006.

CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 3

Peter Rothery | Snowboard

I’m a CASI Level 3 Instructor, CASI Park Level 1 Instructor, and a CASI Level 1 Evaluator. What I love most about Banff and Lake Louise is living in the middle of a National Park and seeing the wildlife literally on my stoorstep. It’s pretty cool to be snowboarding and see a lynx or marten. (Or hiking and see a grizzly bear!). On your down days head to the Cave and Basin National Historic Site to discover the rich history and natural wonders of Banff National Park. Don’t forget to ask about the endangered species of snail! 

CASI Level 3 Instructor, CASI Park Level 1 Instructor, CASI Level 1 Evaluator

SkiBig3 Snow School Peter Rothery

Blaise Cantin | Ski

I’m a CSIA Level 3 Ski Instructor, Level 1 Course Conductor, and Snow Park instructor.

The things I love most about Banff National Park are the tight community, the 7+ months ski season, the 360° postcard views everywhere you go, and being isolated from the stress of modern society. I consider myself very privileged to call Banff my home, and I wish everyone could feel the awe of watching the sunrise and set over the Bow Valley, admiring the Northern Lights from a balcony in town, or simply wandering in the mountains.

The biggest tip I can give to someone who just arrived in the area is to quickly connect with the locals. They will send you to the best places to eat, find you the best deals in town, and often take you on crazy adventures with them. Say hi to people, don’t be a stranger, and keep the stoke alive!

CSIA Level 3 Instructor, CSIA Level 1 Course Conductor

Carlo Riveroll | Ski & Snowboard

Carlo has been with SkiBig3 since 2002 starting in Club Snowboard, only having a break for three seasons to gain experience elsewhere. He came back to us in 2006 where he has remained ever since. This makes a total of 15 consecutive seasons on the SkiBig3 Snow School team. Carlo speaks fluent English and Spanish. 

Having fallen in love with the job of passing on his passion for snowboarding, working with the SkiBig3 snow school team has changed his life forever.  

Carlo is one of our only multi-certified instructors and is a level 4 snowboarder and a level 2 skier. (The only instructor who is certified in both). His connection with his guests is admirable and it shows and his passion for the sport and teaching is infectious.

What Carlo loves most about Banff and Lake Louise is how “nature rules”! His  local tip is to always be prepared for fast changing conditions (both internal and external).

CASI Level 4 Instructor, CSIA Level 2 Instructor, CASI Level 2 Course Conductor