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Tue, 06 Jun 2023

Summer in Banff and Lake Louise: Activities You Need to Try

So you thought we were just about skiing, huh? Think again, friends. Summer in Banff and Lake Louise offers you an unlimited amount of summer activities you need to try! Here are the highlights: 


Discover Banff on an E-Bike


Ready to experience a ride like no other in Banff and Lake Louise? Say hello to e-bikes, your ticket to exploring this wonderland on wheels. Feel the rush of the mountain air as you effortlessly pedal through the heart of Banff National Park.


E-biking around Banff

Discovering Banff on an e-bike with a quick stop at Bow Falls | Photo by Jillian Tester


Cruise through the vast network of well-maintained trails. The Banff-Canmore Legacy Trail, the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff to Johnston Canyon, or even the Minnewanka Loop, are great options to take in those awe-inspiring views!


Whether you're an avid cyclist or a nature lover seeking a thrilling experience, riding e-bikes in Banff and Lake Louise this summer promises to be an unforgettable journey. Book your e-biking adventure here!


Explore Banff's Pristine Lakes by Paddle


Banff and Lake Louise is the ultimate playground for water enthusiasts. Get ready to paddle your way through the beautiful lakes by hopping into an inflatable tandem kayak or onto an inflatable SUP (also known as a stand-up paddleboard). Picture yourself gliding across crystal-clear waters, surrounded by towering mountains and breathtaking scenery.


Stand up paddleboarding in Banff and Lake Louise Paddling on the pristine lakes in Banff National Park | Photo by Jillian Tester


Start packing your sunscreen, bring your sense of adventure, and prepare to paddle your heart out in Banff National Park!


Ready to go? Pop into the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub or book online now to secure the summer adventure of a lifetime.


Summer Sightseeing with the Lake Louise Gondola


Still on the hunt for that grizzly bear? Well, we’ll let you in on a secret. Lake Louise Summer Gondola is where the action's at! Take a ride on the gondola to not only see those gorgeous mountain views, but you'll have a good chance of spotting that grizzly and a whole bunch of wildlife.


If you love dining in the mountains, because hey who doesn't, Lake Louise has plenty of incredible dining options waiting for you right at the base. If you're looking to take your dining up a level, with a view up high, make sure to check out the Whitehorn Bistro. Just remember, you'll need a valid sightseeing ticket to reach that mouth-watering summit!


Sightseeing at Lake Louise Sightseeing at Lake Louise by chairlift | Photo by Phil Forsey


Open for sightseeing, dining, and wildlife watching, Lake Louise is the perfect place to enjoy summer in the mountains. See here for prices. 


Via Ferrata at Mt Norquay


Experience Banff at a whole new level. By this, we mean from up high! Mt Norquay offers thrill seekers the opportunity to climb its Via Ferrata. 'Via what’ you say? Italian for Iron Path, the Via Ferrata is a cable-assisted hiking/rock climbing activity. Open to anyone with a head for heights and an appreciation for the outdoors, this one's not to be missed!


Via Ferrata at Mt Norquay Climbing up to see the views on Mt Norquay Via Ferrata | Photo by Dan Evans


Taking you to the cliffs above the ski area, you’re led by a certified guide and assisted by a fixed anchoring system of cables, ladders, and a suspension bridge. The exposure is real, but so is the safety. At the top, you’re rewarded with some of the most unique and stunning views of Banff.


Friends and family who are not up for the climb can also enjoy the view from the historic Cliffhouse Bistro with a sightseeing chairlift ride.


Click here for more information on Sightseeing andVia Ferrata Details.


Explore the trails at Sunshine Meadows


Starting with Banff's biggest gondola ride, get ready to be transported up to Sunshine Meadows where a whole network of trails and wildflowers awaits your exploration. Fancy taking your sightseeing up a notch (literally)? Why not head up the Standish Express to reach crazy heights of 8,000 ft to access the 360-degree views, three pristine alpine lakes and an outstanding view of the Canadian Rockies from the Standish Viewing Deck. 


Exploring the trails at Sunshine Meadows, Banff Sunshine

Exploring the endless trails and wildflowers at Sunshine Meadows | Photo by Banff Sunshine


Whether you're up for a leisurely stroll or ready to conquer a full-day hike, Sunshine Meadows is the place to be in the summer. Start lacing up those boots, pack your snacks, and don't forget that camera! You'll want to capture every single moment of this jaw-dropping adventure. 


To book your rentals or purchase tickets, book online for advanced savings or if you’re more spontaneous, pop into the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub on Banff Avenue. We can't wait to see you there!