7 reasons to book your ski vacation early

Selfie at Sunshine

Embrace the anticipation! If a ski trip to Banff & Lake Louise is on your travel bucket list, or you’re thinking about where to use your 21/22 Ikon Pass or […]

Welcome Back to Winter in Banff

Two snowboarder kids in South Side Chutes at Banff Sunshine Village, Banff National Park. Photo by Travis Rousseau.

Video by Daniel Thomson It’s been a while since we’ve welcomed winter with open arms, and this blissful reunion is long overdue. With steady snowfall accumulating on the SkiBig3 slopes, […]

6 Ways to Warm Up Your 20/21 Winter

Each year Canadians have traditionally flocked south to escape the chill of winter. While a winter vacation in Banff & Lake Louise may not offer sand between your toes, it is guaranteed to warm your heart, brighten your spirits and shed some sunshine on your soul.