Salomon Press Play Video Contest at Sunshine Village


The 2016 SALOMON Press Play Video Contest is coming to Sunshine Village! Gather your crew, charge up your camera and make a flick for your chance to win $1500! The event will run from March 18th – 28th with prizes going to “Best All Girl Crew”, “Best Pow Segment” & “Best Terrain Park Segment”!

Step 1: Post a photo of your team on Instagram using the hash tags #mypressplaycrew #salomonpressplay2016 @sunshinevillage @salomonsnowboards/@salomonfreeski (depending on your crew) and your Crews name, along with tagging the crew members.

Step 2: Post that photo of your crew to the Salomon Press Play Facebook events page also using these hashtags #mypressplaycrew #salomonpressplay2016 @sunshinevillage @salomonsnowboards/@salomonfreeski

Step 3: Get out there – shred, film and edit! Each team will have ten days to film from March 18th-28th.

Step 4: Submit your edits by 11:59PM, March 29th. Videos must be submitted with all of the tags #salomonpressplay2016 #sunshinevillage @sunshinevillage @salomonsnowboards/@salomonfreeski and must be viewable by the public on both Facebook and Instagram

Step 5: Judging Week: Sunshine Village will evaluate all the edits and come up with a decision. The winning crew will be announced on April 5th. Edits will be judged on the creativity and technique of the filming, riding and editing, as well as the social exposure.

Step 6: This is not a popularity contest but that being said we want to see you stoked on your edits and sharing them on social media. Getting other people stoked as well… creating a buzz won’t go un noticed!



  • You must make a 1 minute Facebook video and a 15 second Instagram teaser.
  • Use the hash tags #salomonpressplay2016 #sunshinevillage @sunshinevillage @salomonsnowboards/@salomonfreeski
  • Teams may film anywhere at Sunshine Village but also must film at all 4 of the marked locations and the event signage must be clearly visible in the shot.
  • Online respect and courtesy teams must be respectful of all other competitors (no bullying or trash talk) if spotted and or reported, the guilty team will be disqualified.
  • Riders must adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code.
  • If your edit has vulgar or non-family appropriate material, don’t be surprised if you don’t win.



  • Up to 3 people per crew, including riders, filmers and editor.
  • Participants are only allowed to be in one crew.


For more information visit the Press Play Facebook Event Page

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