Rad Ladies Profile: Michelle Locke

Michelle Locke aka Billy Goat

Age:  very wise
Ski or Board:  Board
Favorite Ski/Board to ride: Salomon Burner 156
Sponsors: Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Banff Lodging Company, SkiBig3, The North Face, Pulled Pork In the Park, Rose and Crown Banff, Banff Performance Doc, The Tune Shop, In need of a board sponsor…
How many days do you get out each season?
Last year I got out 65 days at home here at Lake Louise Mountain Resort.  Then I’d throw in about 20 days away while competing.  Usually around 85-100 would be a great year for me.
What is your favorite run: 
@ Sunshine – Bye Bye Bowl in the spring
@ Norquay – North American on a pow day
@ Lake Louise – UNC gully off of Brownshirt

What is your first memory of Skiing/Snowboarding?

The very first time I went snowboarding I was twelve and it was at City Hall hill in St. John’s, NF.  Some of my skateboarder friends talked about it and I’d never heard of this sport which sounded like skateboarding but on snow, I was IN!  Even though my boots were three sizes too big and my board was a Burton Rad Air 163(too big)and despite all the falling, my first experience with riding was true love.

What is it about the mountains that calls to you?

The women who’ve inspired and motivated me throughout my life are the ones who showed me how to take advantage of my surroundings and my fitness to my full potential.  It’s the lasting memories and building of new ones which still calls to me everyday.

What is your best memory of riding? (or proudest moment/accomplishment)

One of my best memories of riding was last winter where I knew I had to up my own personal ante during the Freeride World Qualifying finals competition at Wrangle The Chute,Golden, B.C..  Instead of shying away from my line, I stepped out of my comfort zone and accomplished my goal of winning the IFSA Overall Title for the Americas and qualifying for the Freeride World Tour 2016.  This was the most lucrative moment in my snowboard career as my goal was so within reach but only a small fraction away from losing it.

Why do you think it is important for the ladies to represent and get out there on the slopes?

Women bring a sense of fun and great camaraderie to the world of sport.  A fine woman is one who builds another up, and when we do that, it overflows into all areas of our lives.

What do you love about living in Banff?  

I love my mountain town because of all the great energy being spread around by people who love to get out there and get after it.  I find when people appreciate the beauty of the mountains and take advantage of them, the true beauty of themselves shines through and radiates through all of us.  Beautiful energy creates beautiful people.

Word of wisdom to the next generation of skiers/snowboarders?

I believe if you love something so much and you are passionate about it enough to go do it everyday, you’re bound to get good at it. So stick with it and go in the direction of your dreams.


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