Canada Is Where Your Dollar Makes More Cents

Now is the time to take a trip to the Great White North

A trip to the Canadian Rockies is more affordable than it has been in over a decade with the exchange rate sitting at levels not seen since 2004.

It may just be the perfect time to travel north: explore Banff National Park, ski almost 8,000 acres of terrain with 2 gondolas, 26 chairlifts and 30 feet of light powder annually – all while cashing in on a favorable exchange rate.

To give you a better idea of how far the US dollar will stretch on your trip north, here are quantitative and qualitative representations of where the exchange rate sits currently:

American Canadian
Where your Dollar Makes More Cents

Exchange Rate

Currency Converter

Purchasing Power:  See how your strong US dollar goes further!

$100 USD in Toques

$100 CAD in Toques


$10 USD in Hockey Pucks

$10 CAD in Hockey Pucks


$50 USD in Maple Syrup

$50 CAD in Maple Syrup

Tips for adopting our colorful currency

While most Canadian businesses will happily accept your American dollars, they may not always provide you with the best exchange, which means you aren’t making the most of the favorable exchange rate.  So be ready to exchange or pay with credit in order to keep more of your all-green American bills in the bank.

1)            Plan ahead and exchange some money before you arrive. Visit your local bank at home where they can typically find you the best exchange rate.

2)            When in Canada, use a currency exchange counter or Canadian bank if you need additional money exchanged. Currency exchange counters and local banks are plentiful in Banff & Lake Louise.

3)            Need more cash? Use one of our many conveniently located  ATM machines to draw some Canadian dollars directly from your US bank account. (Remember, bank ATM machines will always provide better  value over those privately owned machines found in restaurant lobbies)

4)            Use your credit card for payments.  You may want to check with your credit card company on associated fees as some cards are better than others when it comes to exchange rate fees.

Just a bit more Canadian humor….

American Pint

Not only is our beer stronger…

Canadian Stein

…your US dollar gets you 40% more!

Hockey Stick

Since hockey is our national sport…

Hockey Stick

…you can upgrade your mini-stick!

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