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Where to eat in Banff: Best 'Hole-in-the-Wall' Eats

When visiting Banff, it’s natural to want to try something a little bit different than where the crowds tend to congregate. That’s why we’ve rounded up where to eat in Banff, eight hole-in-the-wall joints, you may have accidentally overlooked that are well worth a visit. Ramen, pizza, classy charcuterie and tapas are just a sample of the cuisine at our favourite hole-in-the-wall eats in Banff National Park. 


Where to eat in Banff like a local


Ramen Arashi


One of the tastiest additions to the Banff dining scene is locally-owned and operated Ramen Arashi. Although small in size, it packs a punch – the minute you walk into this restaurant nook tucked away on the top floor of Sundance Mall, you’re exuberantly greeted by the entire staff.


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LOCAL TIP: Try out their Black Tan-Tan Ramen for something a little different.


plant-based-banff-lake-louise-ramen-arashi-banff-sundance-mall Ramen Arashi is Banff's best-kept secret, located on the third floor of the Sundance Mall.




Although it’s located right on the main street, at 118 Banff Avenue, you might miss Chaya, a little Japanese noodle house. This local favourite serves up filling and affordable rice and noodle bowls. The Tan-Tan Ramen is a spicy favourite on cooler weather days.


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LOCAL TIP: If you’re extra hungry, order the hearty Katsu Don.


chaya-banff-skibig3-blog It's so small, you might miss it! Chaya is a Japanese noodle hosue located on Banff Ave. | Photo by Taxi Mike


Pad Thai Restaurant


If you need a break from bustling Banff Ave, you don’t need to wander too far. On the main level of Clock Tower Mall, you’ll find ample seating and a delicious (and affordable) menu at the Pad Thai Restaurant. Try out their Thai Iced Tea as a treat with any of their delicious Thai noodle and curry dishes.


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LOCAL TIP: Try grabbing a tasty (and budget-friendly meal) at Pad Thai Restaurant and then heading upstairs for a pint at Banff Ave. Brewing Co. Both are located in the Clocktower Mall.


Photo courtesy of Taxi Mike. Photo courtesy of Taxi Mike.


Aardvarks Pizza


This go-to location caps off most night-on-the-town itineraries in Banff, and for good reason. Aardvarks Pizza serves up pizza by the slice or whole ones to go, donairs with sweet sauce, and poutine with all the best fixings that are sure to hit the spot when the wee-hour cravings kick in – or as a hangover remedy the next day. Find this local pizza joint on Caribou Street, near the Mont Royal hotel.


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LOCAL TIP: Grab a pizza and take a hike to one of Banff's scenic viewpoints, like Bow Falls.


ardvarks-pizza-banff-skibig3-blog-yelp Photo courtesy of Yelp


Eddie Burger + Bar


Arguably some of the best burgers in town - if there’s a seat free here, you better grab it! Eddie Burger + Bar's boozy milkshakes and creative burger crafts make for the ultimate pairings. In the summer, check out the extra patio seating as you people-watch in the popular area. In the winter, the restaurant takes on an almost-nightlife vibe. This tasty dive is located just on Banff Ave. on Caribou Street.


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LOCAL TIP: You haven't been to Banff unless you've tried an Eddie Trashcan.


eddie-burger-trashcan-BHC You haven't been to Banff unless you've tried an Eddie Trashcan. | Photo by Banff Hospitality Collective


Block Kitchen + Bar


This trendy spot, located just off Banff Ave on Caribou Street, takes their tapas-inspired menu to the top. We’re talking the finest in small bites, mouthwatering flatbreads, and unique yet hearty dinner mains. With a rustic urban feel to the intimate space, Block Kitchen + Bar is the perfect little place to relax and enjoy with a craft cocktail in hand. If you ask any local, they will tell you Block Kitchen + Bar is where to eat in Banff!


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LOCAL TIP: If you're looking for a more intimate date-night vibe, Block Kitchen + Bar is much smaller and quiet than other big restaurants in Banff.


block-kitchen-bar-banff Block Kitchen + Bar is the ideal date-night dining spot. It's vibes are small and intimate. | Photo by Block Kitchen + Bar


Sushi House Banff


It doesn’t get much more ‘hole-in-the-wall’ than this! Commonly known as 'Sushi Train', Sushi House Banff serves up a wide assortment of sushi, sashimi, and small plate Japanese eats on – you guessed it – a model train! It will circle the track around a chef crafting the pieces right before your eyes. Cozy up to your dinner mate and even make a few new friends at their bar-style seating for up to 18 people. Find this tasty hidden gem just off Caribou Street, in Banff. 


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LOCAL TIP: This is an afforable spot to fuel up during a shopping day on Banff Ave.


Photo by Cly Salleh. Photo by Cly Salleh.


Grapes Wine Cellar, Fairmont Banff Springs


For a more upscale experience, why not take your apres to a castle? The best part of this quaint wine and charcuterie cellar in the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel, fonding referred to as Grapes, is the artistic creation of your house-cured meat and artisan cheese board right before your eyes. If you’re not seated near the chef’s station, the historic and classic ambience is still sure to charm the senses.


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LOCAL TIP: Plan some extra time on your visit to Grapes to walk around and explore the historic property of the Fairmont Banff Springs, built in 1888!


Grapes Wine Cellar at Fairmont Banff Springs. Photo by Dan Evans Grapes Wine Cellar at Fairmont Banff Springs. Photo by Dan Evans


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