Sunshine Village
Thu, 17 Aug 2023

5 Reasons to go Hiking at Sunshine Meadows

Banff Sunshine blooms into Sunshine Meadows during the summer in Banff National Park. Starting at the base, you'll be transported up the iconic gondola to the top Village terminal at 2,159 meters. With a wide network of trails to explore with sweeping vistas, blooming wildflowers, and glacial lakes hiking at Sunshine Meadows is an unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss out on.


1. World-class hiking trails


Sunshine Meadows map showing hiking trails Map of Sunshine Meadows showing the different hiking trails | Map by Banff Sunshine


With a variety of hiking trails suitable for all different abilities, Banff Sunshine Meadows it perfect for casual walkers to hiking enthusiasts. Adventure through the alpine meadows and rocky terrain all whilst being surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see. Explore at your own pace or join a guided hike around the magical UNESCO World Heritage Site.


2. Wildflower extravaganza


Wildflowers in all different colours Wildflowers blooming showing their beautiful colours along the hiking trails | Photo by Banff Sunshine


During the summer months, the ski resort is transformed into a rainbow of colors from the beautiful wildflowers. When hiking the trails you'll be sure to sport everything from alpine paintbrushes to fireweeds. Make sure to pack your camera as you can find over 50 different species of wildflowers in bloom.


3. Wildlife sightings


ground squirrel in wildflowers A ground squirrel saying hello amongst the wildflowers at Sunshine Meadows | Photo by Banff Sunshine


Home to wildlife of all shapes and sizes, you may spot an animal or two when visiting Sunshine Meadows. From Marmots that strike poses to ground squirrels that you'll likely hear say hello, you'll be surrounded by furry residents, perhaps including a bear! Just remember, that we're guests in their home so make sure to give them plenty of space.


4. Pristine glacial lakes


Glacial turquoise lake at Sunshine Medows Taking in the views of the pristine turquoise blue glacial lakes nestled amongst the mountains | Photo by Banff Sunshine


The glacial lakes at Banff Sunshine Meadows are like something out of a fairy tale. The three majestic lakes; Rock Isle Lake, Grizzly Lake and Larix Lake can be found when walking along the trails or even from up high at the Standish Viewing Deck.


5. Viewing points


Standish Viewing Deck The Standish Viewing Deck provides unforgettable 360 views of the Canadian Rockies | Photo by Banff Sunshine


Whether you hike up to the Standish Viewing Deck or take a lift from the Standish Express Chairlift, the views will be worth it. Surrounded by 360 views of nothing but nature and mountains, you won't believe your eyes!


Take a look at how The Holistic Backpacker spent her time exploring Sunshine Meadows in the summer.




Hiking at Banff Sunshine Meadows is an unforgettable adventure not to be missed. From mind-blowing landscapes to trails that cater to everyone's inner adventurer, it's the perfect place to explore.


Ready for an unforgettable summer?


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Although we adore the vibrant summer blooms, winter offers an equally fantastic opportunity to explore Banff National Park. Witness the resorts cocooned in a snowy blanket, revealing a breathtakingly beautiful new perspective. Our friendly reservations team is always happy to share their favorite experiences and knowledge with you. Check out our featured vacation packages or call us on 1-844-754-2443 our based-in-Banff experts are here to help!