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Fri, 26 Jan 2018

These Mountains Are My Canvas

Skiing and snowboarding in Banff National Park, we leave our marks on the slopes as we enjoy our day in the mountains. But as those lines will cover and fade, the marks left on us are not soon forgotten. For some, they last a lifetime.

SkiBig3 Ambassador Sue Shih’s connection to Canadian Rockies winters runs as deep as the powder she rides. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Taiwan to find a better life for their family, and it wasn’t until Sue was 27 that she first touched snow. She discovered snowboarding in 1997 and moved to Banff a few years afterward – she hasn’t left since. What began as a touch-and-go commitment to riding eventually developed into her biggest passion, and at the age of 40 she competed in her first big mountain competition at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

From seeing snow for the first time to her life in Banff today, her perspective has dramatically changed. The mountains have inspired her to live the biggest life she can, and to share this stoke with those around her.

“It’s one of the best feelings when you’re standing on top (of a mountain), ready to drop in, ready to pick that line, ready to paint that picture.”

Snowboarder Sue Shih at Sunshine Village with Goat's Eye in the background. Photo by Daniel Thomson.

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