Health & Safety Protocols

Visiting the SkiBig3 Adventure Hub


When you enter our store, the SkiBig3 team is committed to ensuring you a safe and enjoyable experience. In addition to closely following all Alberta Health Services regulations, we have implemented additional company-wide best practices in order to offer the safest experience possible and assist with reducing the spread of COVID-19. Part of our health and safety protocol includes limiting our store to a maximum of 12 customers. We have taken steps to ensure things move smoothly so you are able to quickly and safely pick up your rentals, shop for merchandise and book adventures for your day in Banff National Park. 

  • Safety protocol signage has been placed at the entrance of the store, as well as reminder signage throughout. 
  • Located at the entrance is a hand sanitizer station for guests as well as a friendly staff member to assist when entering the store.
  • Floor signs will direct you through the store allowing each guest ample time to explore and pick up what they need.
  • We have created physical distance markers and reminders throughout the store and outside spaces identifying 6 -foot distancing.
  • Physical distance markers on the floor for final pay area.
  • Plexi-glass divider at the cashier desk for the safety of both customers and employees.
  • We will only be accepting credit and debit for all purchases.
SkiBig3 Health and Safety Signage

Picking Up Your Rentals

SkiBig3 E-Bike Rentals
  • Rental e-bikes are spaced appropriately on racks for staff to assist guests.
  • Returned e-bikes will be received by a staff member and taken to the cleaning area to be wiped down with sanitizer before reuse.
  • Helmets are  limited to usage of only once per day.
  • Helmet exterior and chin strap will be wiped down with sanitizer and the interior sprayed between rental usage.
  • Paddleboards, paddles and carrier bags will be washed with soap and thoroughly dried between rental usage.
  • Rental PFDs will be sprayed with disinfectant and all buckles/straps will be wiped down with sanitizer and thoroughly dried between rental usage.
  • Bear spray, hiking poles and fire pits will all be wiped down with sanitizer between rental usage.
  • Signage will be placed on all sanitized gear to prevent unnecessary contact.

Store & Merchandise

  • Retail merchandise items handled by patrons will be set aside for cleaning before restocking.
  • Employees will regularly clean and disinfect any high touch surfaces and equipment frequented by both employees and customers.
  • A daily cleaning log will be kept and posted for our customers and employees to see.
  • Sunglasses will be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide wipes following any customer contact. 
SkiBig3 Health and Safety Signage

Keeping Customers and our SkiBig3 Team Safe

SkiBig3 management will ensure employees are trained on hygiene, sanitation (including sneezing/coughing etiquette) and any updated policies or procedures related to preventing transmission of COVID-19. All SkiBig3 team members will follow cleaning and disinfecting practices described in the Alberta Health Services workplace guidelines.

  • All SkiBig3 Team members will wash hands and use sanitizer upon arrival in the store, and will continue to wash hands and sanitize hands regularly throughout their shift.
  • Employees will launder reusable face masks and uniforms between shifts.
  • Employee arrival and departure times, breaks and meetings will be staggered to reduce the number of team members in one place at a given time.
  • Management will train and educate employees to monitor their own health and recognize COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Employees will be asked upon arrival if they have any symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose or difficulty breathing.
  • Should a team member report or show any symptoms while at work, they will be immediately separated and contract tracing will be noted including where they have been and store items touched before being sent home. Management will then notify all concerned parties, all appropriate areas will be immediately sanitized and wiped down.
  • In addition to posted signage, employees will monitor customers for any COVID-19 symptoms prior to entry and will request that guests not be allowed into the store should symptoms be noted.
  • Should a guest show any symptoms while on premises, they will be immediately separated and requested to leave. All appropriate areas will be immediately sanitized and wiped down.

We thank you for your support and cooperation during these changing times. We look forward to helping you make the most of your adventure in Banff National Park!

Any questions? Please contact [email protected] 


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