The Secret to Selfie Success

The Secret to Selfie Success

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The word ‘selfie’ became a thing – a legit noun – in 2013 with usage of the word increasing exponentially. Obviously, it isn’t a leap to imagine the number of selfies we take has increased just as much, if not more.  There are even selfie-help cameras and phone accessories available to help us take the best possible pic.  Then we post them. On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, selfies have become our way of sharing with friends, family and the world around us, how awesome our day really is.  If you are a skier or boarder, it’s impossible not to snap a pic of you, pow and a backdrop of epic peaks when you are exploring the Canadian Rockies.  So here is a little guidance on where to get the shot that will induce shred-envy in everyone you know.

At Mount Norquay

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Frame a selfie to capture Mount Rundle and the historic ski jump towers in the background on the Tunnel Traverse.


The Vista Snow Shoe Trail opens up for a selfie with the slopes of Mount Norquay as the backdrop.

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  1. Ride to the top of the North American Chair (the ‘big chair’ as it’s known locally) and the lookout from the top will give you views of the entire town of Banff with Rundle Mountain so perfectly centred in the background your pic will look photoshopped.  If you want a more James Bond feel to your selfie, head into The Cliffhouse Bistro and get the same pic with a cocktail or glass of bubbly in-hand. It is arguably the best overview of the valley around!
  2. The vista snow shoe loop at Mount Norquay meanders through a beautiful forested area and at the far end of the trail where the trees thin, it opens up and you find yourself in the perfect spot for a selfie. Stage it correctly and you will create the illusion all the runs off the Spirit Chair are pointing at the rock star at the centre of the frame: you!
  3. Unless you are really up on your ski history, you may not know that Mount Norquay is not only the oldest ski resort in North America (turning 90 next year), but it was once a mecca for ski jumping. Head skiers right off the North American Chair, down the American Basin and eventually you have the option of cutting across the mountain using the Tunnel Traverse. As you traverse, you will pass two structures jutting out of the trees. They can’t be missed – they look like cartoon drawings of ‘future’ dwellings straight out of The Jetsons. They are the old ski jump judging towers and from that vantage point you can get a great selfie with a piece of history in the background along with the grandeur of the slopes.

At Sunshine Village

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The top of the Great Dive Chair will get you above the clouds and an ocean of peaks in the background.


Nothing says fun like an on-hill hot tub party.

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  1. On a clear day, there is nothing like standing at the top of the Divide Chair to snap a spectacular selfie. It’s from there you find that classic shot with Mount Assiniboine, the Matternhorn of the Rockies, in the background.   Its distinctive pyramidal shape towers above the ocean of peaks that fills the horizon and has the added bragging bonus of allowing you a picture of yourself standing in Alberta with British Columbia, the next province over, as your backdrop. You, the biggest peak in the Park and two provinces: not a bad selfie.
  2. There is something about hitting the hot tub after a day on the slopes that screams opulence and the massive hot tub at Sunshine Mountain Lodge is so wonderfully positioned it’s the perfect place for an après shot that makes your friends wish they were you. Located right on-hill, it is the biggest hot tub in Banff so treat yourself to some luxury, stay at the only ski-in, ski-out property in Banff National Park and finish your day with a selfie to prove it.
  3. The cabin just off Jackrabbit run is the definition of ‘nestled in the woods’. Posting a selfie with it in the background (and ideally some fat snowflakes) will convince your friends you have found your own private mountain paradise.

At Lake Louise

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  1. Upon arriving at The Lake Louise Ski Resort, hop on the Glacier Express then directly onto the aptly named Top of the World Express Chair. It will drop you on Saddleback Ridge, a primo selfie spot. Lake Louise is made up of three mountain faces: the front and backside of Mount Whitehorn as well as the front side of Lipalian Mountain. From Saddleback Ridge you can get a shot of yourself looking west over the frontside, by taking a few steps, take another with all the impressive backside bowls as your backdrop. Both are breathtaking and with a bit of creativity and that handy panorama setting on your phone – picture it: you, the frontside and the backside. Sexy!
  2. If you are new to the Lake Louise Ski Resort there is inevitably a moment when you scratch your head and wonder about its name, given that the actual lake is located across the valley. It becomes self-evident when riding terrain off the Grizzly Express Gondola. The view laid out in front of you will stop you in your tracks. It is iconic: across the valley is the snow-covered Lake Louise, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on its banks, the Victoria Glacier perched above it and Temple Mountain, towering 3,544m (11,627ft), beside it. The scenery is epic, breathtaking, a surreal beauty difficult to take in. So stop and take a selfie somewhere along your run – have the Chateau somewhere over your left shoulder and you’re are sure to make your friends pale as the peaks with envy.
  3. Ski Canada magazine named the Summit Platter at Lake Louise the best drag lift for a reason. While drag lifts are generally not as popular as chairlifts and gondolas, the Summit Platter pulls you to a ridge line just shy of the peak of Mount Whitehorn.  You are literally as high as you can get without hiking and you can witness an unobstructed view of the peak as well as the powdery white expanse of the back bowls that deliciously await your descent. Get them in the background and prove to your friends it’s just you atop of an endless range of glorious rocky mountains.

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