Rad Ladies Profile: Audrey Hebert

Audrey Hebert

Age: undisclosed…
Ski or Board:  Board
Favorite Ski/Board to ride: Burton custom 156cm
Sponsors:  SkiBig3, Smith Optic, Unlimited Skate and Snow, Defending Awesome
How many days do you get out each season?
When I spend a full season home usually over 130 days but when I’m on the road competing sadly I get only about 40.
What is your favorite run: 
@ Sunshine – I love the cliffs on Headwall.
@ Norquay – The Lone Pine run will give you one mean leg burn.
@ Lake Louise – Emergency room 5 and 7! And Whitehorn.

What is your first memory of Skiing/Snowboarding?

Oh man. Ski: I’ve been on the ski hill since I was 2 so I can’t remember my first skiing memory. Snowboard: I got my first snowboard when I was 8 and people didn’t know much about it. My hometown ski resort only has a t-bar and I was told I had to unstrap one foot to go up it. Not sure how this worked but I unstrapped my back foot…and it didn’t seem like anyone knew this was wrong! So my first memory is having a real hard time getting up the t-bar.

What is it about the mountains that calls to you?

They’re so big. They give you a sense of perspective – you know… You feel so small and humbled.

What is your best memory of riding? (or proudest moment/accomplishment)

That’s a hard one. There has been so many fantastic moments during my whole snowboard career I couldn’t pick one. From riding armpit deep powder to landing my first trick, winning my first competition, making rad friends, and riding a sunset in Alaska… My snowboard journey has taken me to heights that have blown my mind and it just keeps on going. It’s all been good.

What is the most challenging moment you’ve faced as a skier/boarder?

I spend most of my season travelling and competing, and what’s been the most challenging so far has been the lack of financial support, but injuries are also always challenging.

Why do you think it is important for the ladies to represent and get out there on the slopes?

I don’t think it’s a female or a male thing. Everyone should get out and get their part of the gnar.

What do you love about living in Banff?  

I don’t even know where to start with that one: the view, the mountains, the climbing, the snowboarding, the people, the town’s character… There is so much to love here.

Word of wisdom to the next generation of skiers/snowboarders?

How far you go is directly related with how much you’re willing to risk. The pain won’t last but the memories will.


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