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Travel to Canada - What to Expect

How to spend a day at Lake Louise in Summer

Sightseeing Gondola at Lake Louise

Lake Louise, one of the most iconic places to visit is Banff National Park, and there’s good reason too. With the unforgettable turquoise blue waters, stunning alpine landscapes, as well […]

Have you heard of Snow Days in Banff Canada?


In Canada, winter ushers in a whole new reason to celebrate with fresh winter activities and one-of-a-kind events like Snow Days in Banff and Lake Louise. Set in the heart […]

What makes SkiBig3 a sustainable ski trip

Sustainable savvy travellers are more conscious about where their dollars are going. If sustainability is close to your heart, and you’re looking for a sustainable ski trip that shares your […]

The Bears of Banff

Grizzly Bear and cubs. (Ursus arctos)

Did you know that over 311 species of birds, 19 fish species, four amphibians, one reptile, and 53 species of mammals all call Banff National Park home? That’s a whole […]