Banff National Park’s Winter Canvas #ProjectSnow

Simon Beck is equal parts artist and mathematician.  World renowned snow artist, Beck creates perfectly detailed geometrical designs using nothing more than a traditional compass, a map drawing and a pair of trusted snowshoes to make carefully-planned tracks in the snow.

During a recent visit to Banff National Park earlier this month, Beck visited three iconic spots in the Canadian Rockies: Peyto Lake, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise Ski Resort for #ProjectSnow. On expansive fields of fresh snow at each location, he created a visually stunning patterns to an already breathtaking landscape: a detailed maple leaf at Sunshine Village, a symbol of his first visit to Canada; a howling wolf at Lake Louise Ski Resort, paying tribute to the National Park and its wild inhabitants; and a huge-scale snowflake on the majestic Peyto Lake.

For more information about this project visit Banff Lake Louise Tourism #ProjectSnow.

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