3 Mounts To Improve Your GoPro Game


Capturing those legendary moments on the slopes has never been so easy. With 4K video and high frame rates now readily available, you and your friends can easily become the next Warren Miller.    

Let’s face it: It’s 2016 and there’s no need to look like a unicorn on the slopes anymore. So, pull that camera off of your helmet and dive into three alternative action-cam mounts to help you capture your trip like a GoPro Pro!  

Go Pro Chesty


The chest mount is an underrated item in the GoPro treasure chest and, frankly, it’s hard to compete with the CHESTY on those crazy powder days. By fixing the camera to your body, you bring the audience right into the action (think crazy pow shots) and add an amazing level of stability that is unmatched by other mounts.

The straps are fully adjustable and will fit adults of all shapes and sizes. Little shredders may want to pick up the JUNIOR CHESTY.

Pro-tip: Negative temps will zap your battery, so wear the harness under your shell and zip it up between runs. Your body heat will dramatically extend the battery life of your GoPro during chilly temps.

* Snowboarders may want to skip the “Chesty” and try some of the other mounts listed below. 

Watch Mike from The Lake Louise Ski Resort show us how it’s done in the Ptarmigan Glades.

Go Pro 3 Way Arm

THE 3-WAY ARM by GoPro

Few mounts offer the flexibility and functionality of the 3-Way Arm produced by GoPro. Although skiers may find some benefit to using the arm over a converted ski pole, this tool really shines in the hands of a capable rider. Unfold the arm to capture panoramic views of yourself ripping down your favourite chute or turn the camera around and use it as a rock-solid handle to catch legendary park runs. One of the best (and little known) features of the 3-WAY is that it actually has a built-in tripod in the base of its handle. Try planting the camera for some unique perspectives or locking it down for some incredible time-lapse videos.

Warning: Make sure you practice with different perspectives if filming from a board. You need to isolate your arm movements or you’ll end up feeling sea-sick when screening your tape for friends! 

Watch Luke Sudderman of Sunshine Village shred…everything!

Go Pro Grill Mount

THE GRILL MOUNT by Pro Standard 

Full disclosure: You’re not going to win any points for style with this mount, but if you’re a snowboarder after rock-solid POV footage then it’s certainly worth a spot in your toolbox. Initially developed as a hands-free mount for surfing, the grill mount by Pro Standard offers snowboarders a superior alternative to helmet and chest mounts by putting the camera over the rider’s line of travel.
Just fire the mouthguard-style mount into some boiling water for a few minutes and then bite down on the mouldable plastic to make it your own.

Bonus: You can also use the grill mount as a mini-handle of sorts to capture footage similar to the 3-way arm

Check them out at www.prostandard.com.

Watch Jill Tester of SkiBig3 give the Grill Mount a test-drive!


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All photos + videos filmed with GoPro.  

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