SkiBig3 Ambassador Team

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SkiBig3 Ambassador Team

The 2020/21 SkiBig3 Ambassador Team features everything from big mountain riders to world class freestyle athletes. The team comes from around the world and calls Banff National Park their home. Follow our Ambassadors on social at @SkiBig3, #SkiBig3

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Andrea Haughton

ANDREA Haughton

Born and raised in Canada, Andrea has always embraced the enormous thrill of outdoor activities. Since the age of 12 she’s spent her winters skiing, which quickly led to a passion for snowboarding. Having lived in the Bow Valley the past 7 years, the experience she’s gained has only expanded her love for big mountain adventures. Aside from spending her days at the SkiBig3 resorts, she enjoys touring in the backcountry with friends. During the summer months, aside from rock climbing and mountain biking, she’s drawn to the water to enjoy paddle boarding and surfing. Andrea’s adventurous lifestyle and connection to nature doesn’t stop here. Health & Wellness also plays a very important part in her life. She is the co-founder of GreenHut Whole Foods Eatery, serving nutritious and freshly prepared food and drinks at the Bow Valley Farmers Markets. Andrea strives to enhance the lives of her community by promoting an active lifestyle and healthy diet.


Amanda grew up skiing, biking, and playing in the Bow Valley. In 2011 she was in a big mountain ski competition where she came off a cliff, caught an edge and cartwheeled into a tree. But that didn’t stop her. Now paralyzed from the chest down, she started sit-skiing 10 months after injury and is back competing in big mountain competitions, climbing, biking, golfing, surfing, and everything else she can possibly think of. She was the first sit skier to do the Delirium Dive at our very own Sunshine Village and competed on the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team for years. Now retired from racing, you can find her at beer league races at Norquay and always out getting face shots skiing the backside of Lake Louise.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Amanda Timm
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Bre Mirynech

BRE Mirynech

Originally from Ontario, Bre fell in love with the mountains over six years ago when she moved to Banff and has called the Bow Valley home ever since. Often referring to herself as the “jack of all trades, master of none”, Bre is always found playing in the mountains participating in a wide range of activities. Throughout the winter, you can find Bre snowboarding at the SkiBig3 resorts here in the Bow Valley, getting into the backcountry on her splitboard, and ice climbing in between. After travelling for seven months during the 2019 season, Bre is extra excited to be back home for the upcoming season. She is looking forward to days full of deep powder, good friends, and gorgeous mountain views.

Daniel Inzinger

Daniel was born and raised in Austria and by the age of three he had already grasped the joy and thrill of skiing. After numerous family ski trips under his belt, he decided to pursue snowboarding, a passion that carried on for over 20 years. Daniel’s passion includes skiing various mountain terrain, but mostly tackling big mountain lines. Aside from spending his weekends at SkiBig3 resorts, he spends his free time planning his next ski adventure in the backcountry. So far Daniel has the hit slopes in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and the US but his heart lies in riding at SkiBig3 resorts.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Daniel Inzinger
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Erin Tetley

Erin Tetley

Erin grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but at the age of 18, Erin made the big move out to Banff for a summer season. Ten years later she’s still here in the mountains, living the life that she could only dream about as a kid. Erin spent her youth days at the local ski hill in Thunder Bay riding for the Nancy Green ski club since the age of 5. When she turned 13, she traded in her skis for a snowboard. Erin loves big mountain riding and deep powder days. When she’s not skiing at the SkiBig3 resorts, you can find her out in the backcountry split boarding, hiking, rock climbing and making Flaked Pies – her Co-Founded local Aussie Pie business here in Banff.

Gabby Dufour-Leonard

Originally from Montreal, skiing has always been a big part of Gabby’s life. She grew up in the Laurentian Mountains, teaching ski and chasing after snow every winter. Gabby has been a part of the SkiBig3 Ambassador team for three years and loves bringing people together. Being a part of this team has allowed her to push her limits and helped her develop new skills on big mountains. If she’s not ripping laps at the resort, you’ll find her in the backcountry skiing, mountain biking, climbing or summiting the beautiful mountains that surround us.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Gabby Dufour-Leonard
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Jackie Larouche

Jackie LaRouche

Native to southwestern Ontario, Jackie is a self-taught photographer and outdoor adventurer who calls Canmore home. If Jackie is not riding at the SkiBig3 resorts, she’s in the backcountry shooting photos or working on the next big project. Jackie has been taking photos for as long as she can remember, and originally started capturing moments in time on her dad’s old film camera. From there, her interest in photography blossomed as she travelled through Europe and eventually landed her right here in the Canadian Rockies. As for ripping powder, Jackie will laugh and tell you stories of riding her brother’s snowboard in the backyard on their farm, as well as making the most of the small ski hill in her hometown. If you’re ever in need of a shred buddy, the snowy mountains are Jackie’s happy place, and she is more than happy to share them with you!


John Price is a photographer & climber. He has spent the last six years traveling all over the world, while basing himself out of Canada. Over the last three years John has been actively photographing ski touring, rock, ice and alpine ascents throughout North America, including the deserts of Nevada, the Ruth Gorge in Alaska, the remote corners of the Himalaya, rural Japan and extensively throughout the Canadian Rockies. Currently based in Canmore, Alberta, he works as a freelance adventure, lifestyle and landscape photographer.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - John Price
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Judi Muehlbauer

Judi Muehlbauer

Judi, born and raised in Germany spent her first Canadian season 2017/18 working and living at Big White. Falling in love with the country and craving the real Rocky Mountains made her move to Banff in the summer of 2018, where she worked as a ski instructor at Mt. Norquay the following winter. On her days off she explored the backside of Lake Louise and got her powder fix in the dive at Sunshine. “Skiing in the Alps is so different than here. The Rockies offer a unique opportunity to explore untouched terrain in bounds and ski fresh lines all day if you want.“ She is incredibly thankful for being part of the mountain community in the Bow Valley and the awesome, inspiring and supportive group of friends she met in the last two years who share the same passion about winter sports. In the winter you can find her chasing her goal of 100 days of skiing at the SkiBig3 resorts, touring in the backcountry, and cross-country skiing with her rescue dog Franny.

Josh Segeleski

Originally from the outskirts of Montreal, Josh grew up skiing with his dad at the local hill on the weekends. Living in the countryside, they would have to drive a couple hours to get to the “fun” mountains. Being an outdoor enthusiast, Josh found his new home in the Valley after catching the “bug” after one visit. A photographer and filmmaker, the mountains serve as a playground for Josh to endlessly explore. If he isn’t working, you’ll find him running on a mountain ridge, climbing some rock faces and skiing at the SkiBig3 resorts. It’s the small mountain town community filled of like minded people that keep him thriving and pushing to be outside more.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Josh Segeleski
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Marie-Eve Bilodeau-Corriveau

Marie-Eve Bilodeau-Corriveau

Marie-Eve moved to the Rockies seven years ago, and has since fallen in love with the mountains, the lifestyle, and the community. Marie-Eve is French Canadian, originally from Lévis, Québec. Her skiing background is a little bit different, learning downhill at the smallest resort in Québec, and competing in cross-country ski races at a national level in high school and university at the NCAA. When she moved to the Rockies she re-learned how to ski big mountains at the resort and also got into backcountry skiing. During her time off you will definitely see her on the slopes this winter! In summer, you could find her biking, running in the mountains, to update her hiking website Meve is a girl with a lot of energy and a lot of projects on the go! She wants to inspire more people to get out there and explore the mountains, and thinks everyone has their place in the mountain regardless of background or experience. The mountains can be intimidating but everyone can learn, and they should be accessible to everyone!

Megan Gunning

Megan’s passion for freeskiing began when she moved to Alberta in 2004.  Skiing in the Bow Valley has been an integral part of Megan’s growth as an athlete and a human.  Megan’s love of freeskiing drove her to compete at the highest level in halfpipe.  She was a member of the original Canadian Halfpipe Team, where she earned medals in many high-level competitions. Most notably, she’s earned two X-Games medals and pioneered several new tricks to women’s halfpipe skiing.  For the past five years Megan has been having more fun than ever skiing and coaching in the Bow Valley.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Megan Gunning
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Michelle Brazier

Michelle Brazier

Originally from Toronto, Michelle’s love of the mountains and passion for skiing began at an early age as she grew up travelling to Western Canada on family ski holidays.  After university, she answered the call to the mountains and moved to Banff where she has called home for the last 12 years.  Michelle loves the endless variety and vastness of skiing in the Rockies, and she values the strong sense of mountain community in the Bow Valley.  When she’s not skiing at Norquay, Sunshine, or Lake Louise, you can find her on her yoga mat or ski touring in the backcountry.  She is an ACMG Hiking Guide and RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, offering programs through her company @rockieshikingandyoga.

Nic Groulx

Nic grew up in Quebec where his dad put him on skis at the age of three. A couple of years later he got on a snowboard for the first time. Since then, he’s never looked back and he’s never been on skis again. After a few trips in the Rockies, he knew he would live here one day. His love for the mountains finally brought him to the Bow Valley three years ago. Nic’s passion for rock climbing and snowboarding lead him to action sports photography, which drives him to push his limits even further and allows him to meet and connect with people who share his love for the mountains.

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Nic Groulx
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Rebeccah Kellman

Rebeccah Kellman

Rebeccah is an outdoor enthusiast who climbs, bikes, hikes, snowboards and practices yoga. She is the youngest of four siblings and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, four hours away from the nearest mountains. Growing up, her dad (who is the original outdoor enthusiast) would take her and her siblings to Jasper National Park every year where they learned to ski, and where her love for mountains deepened. Rebeccah wants to inspire black and POC that the outdoors is for everyone, and to fight societal stereotypes. She thinks there is something magical about being outside, and that on her toughest of days, when she can get outside and run, hike or walk, it clears her head and makes her feel more at ease. She hopes to inspire others to feel this magic

Tori Anderson

Tori is a third-generation skier from the Bow Valley. She grew up following in her Grandfather and Father’s footsteps shredding the SkiBig3 resorts and ski racing with Nancy Green. Chasing gates was never in her nature, so she shifted into freeride at the age of 16 and began pushing herself to tackle bigger lines. This ripper was so thirsty for snow that she spent the last 5 years skiing back-to-back seasons between Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Tori is working hard to keep the dream alive by skiing on all her days off as she completes her final year of her BBA at Mount Royal University. She is determined to use her marketing major to help grow her Bow Valley womens ski initiative called the Womb Tang Clan. Womb Tang is a women’s ski group creating an inclusive space for girls of all ability levels to network, push themselves and no longer have to ski with the “all boys club.” Ride or die baby! But do it for the girls!

SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Tori Anderson
SkiBig3 20/21 Ambassador - Will Lambert

Will Lambert

Will left his home and job in Sheffield, England as a car salesman back in 2014 planning on one winter ski season in the French Alps. Since then he’s chased the mountains, season after season in pursuit of new and exciting terrain. Working in France, Austria, Canada and USA as a ski holiday guide, his passion for skiing has become more of a lifestyle. He’s been a Banff local now for the past couple of years and loves the area. In the winter you’ll find him at the SkiBig3 resorts and ski touring in the backcountry, snapping photos along the way. His endeavor to create engaging and immersive images pushes him to climb new peaks, chase sunrises/sets and wait for the most elusive of wildlife.