SkiBig3 Ambassador Team

The 2019/20 SkiBig3 Ambassador Team features everything from big mountain riders to world class freestyle athletes. The team comes from around the world and calls Banff National Park their home. Follow our Ambassadors on social at @SkiBig3, #SkiBig3

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Allene Kennedy

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Allene Kennedy

Born and raised in Lake Tahoe California, Allene grew up ski racing at Squaw Valley where powder days are a sin to miss. She went from chasing the older boys around the mountain at very high speeds to chasing her athletes around the SkiBig3 resorts. She is now a race coach for Sunshine Village and spends most of her days off skiing in the valley or making trips to mountains close. Her only goal is to spread the stoke in hopes that some will love the sport almost as much as she does!

Amanda Timm

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Amanda Timm

Amanda grew up skiing, biking, and playing in the Bow Valley. In 2011 she was in a big mountain ski competition where she came off a cliff, caught an edge and cartwheeled into a tree. But that didn’t stop her. Now paralyzed from the chest down, she started sit-skiing 10 months after injury and is back competing in big mountain competitions, climbing, biking, golfing, surfing, and everything else she can possibly think of. She was the first sit skier to do the Delirium Dive at our very own Sunshine Village and competed on the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team for years. Now retired from racing, you can find her at beer league races at Norquay and always out getting face shots skiing the backside of Lake Louise.

Bre Mirynech

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Bre Mirynech

Originally from Ontario, Bre fell in love with the mountains over six years ago when she moved to Banff and has called the Bow Valley home ever since. Often referring to herself as the “jack of all trades, master of none”, Bre is always found playing in the mountains participating in a wide range of activities. Throughout the winter, you can find Bre snowboarding at the SkiBig3 resorts here in the Bow Valley, getting into the backcountry on her splitboard, and ice climbing in between. After travelling for seven months during the 2019 season, Bre is extra excited to be back home for the upcoming season. She is looking forward to days full of deep powder, good friends, and gorgeous mountain views.

Brittany Price


Brittany grew up in a small town in New Brunswick and moved to Lake Louise for a ‘summer’ and could not leave, where she eventually learned how to snowboard. “Snowboarding has given me something that I will always be thankful for; the community is like no other. It is very rare to find a sport that is pushing boundaries on the daily and seeing a band of women come to together to support and grow each other is incredible. Seeing the smile on peoples face when they land their first trick or drop into the deep pow – that’s why I love snowboarding. The stoke and happiness I’m surrounded with is contagious, and that’s why I’ll never leave.”

Daniel Inzinger

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Daniel Inzinger

Daniel was born and raised in Austria and by the age of three he had already grasped the joy and thrill of skiing. After numerous family ski trips under his belt, he decided to pursue snowboarding, a passion that carried on for over 20 years. Daniel’s passion includes skiing various mountain terrain, but mostly tackling big mountain lines. Aside from spending his weekends at SkiBig3 resorts, he spends his free time planning his next ski adventure in the backcountry. So far Daniel has the hit slopes in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and the US but his heart lies in riding at SkiBig3 resorts.

Erin Tetley

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Erin Tetley

Erin grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but at the age of 18, Erin made the big move out to Banff for a summer season. Ten years later she’s still here in the mountains, living the life that she could only dream about as a kid. Erin spent her youth days at the local ski hill in Thunder Bay riding for the Nancy Green ski club since the age of 5. When she turned 13, she traded in her skis for a snowboard. Erin loves big mountain riding and deep powder days. When she’s not skiing at the SkiBig3 resorts, you can find her out in the backcountry split boarding, hiking, rock climbing and making Flaked Pies – her Co-Founded local Aussie Pie business here in Banff.

Franny Plumridge


There are a few feelings in this world that are difficult to beat, and Franny believes standing on top of a mountain is one of them. Canadian born, Franny has spent much of her life chasing the stars, sun and snow on a quest to capture their beauty through photos and film. Snowboarding allows her to embody a few of her favourite things in life.  With a thirst for all things outdoors and meeting people from all over the world, it’s safe to say that the Rocky Mountains will always have a piece of her heart.

Gabriella Dufour-Leonard

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Gabriella Dufour-Leonard

Originally from Montreal, skiing has always been a big part of Gabby’s life. She grew up in the Laurentian Mountains, teaching skiing and chasing after snow every winter. But when she visited the Canadian Rockies in 2014, she knew that this was where she belonged. Gabby finally followed her dream two years ago and moved permanently to the Bow Valley. Skiing is about bringing people together. For Gabby, it allows her to live her passion while being surrounded by the people she loves. Now, the beautiful mountains in her backyard offer the opportunity to improve her skiing even more. And she couldn’t be happier to call this place her home.

Jack Fowler

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Jack Fowler

Born and raised in Alberta, Jack grew up skiing in the Banff with his family and friends, which built his passion as an adult for the outdoors and fueled adventures to many different continents. No matter how far he travels, he’s always back for ski season in the Canadian Rockies. With so much to offer in natural beauty and rugged landscapes, Banff National Park has helped fuel his interest in writing and photography shared through his blog ‘Cultivate Stoke’. Whether you find him in the backcountry or hot lapping around the resorts, there is sure to be laughter and smiles. Send him a message and catch him for a lap!

John Price

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 John Price

John Price is a photographer & climber. He has spent the last six years traveling all over the world, while basing himself out of Canada. Over the last three years John has been actively photographing ski touring, rock, ice and alpine ascents throughout North America, including the deserts of Nevada, the Ruth Gorge in Alaska, the remote corners of the Himalaya, rural Japan and extensively throughout the Canadian Rockies. Currently based in Canmore, Alberta, he works as a freelance adventure, lifestyle and landscape photographer.

Jonathan Chew

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Jonathan Chew

After spending one winter in Banff back in 2006 Jon Chew knew he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. He spent that season traveling for contests and visiting other major Canadian resort towns, but it was clear that Banff, its mountains, and its people, were going to be the perfect fit. Contests, events, riding park, pow days, or just cruising groomers… for him there aren’t too many days worth missing with SkiBIg3, and this season will be no exception. Don’t be afraid to catch a chair and slap some high fives… Boardin’ is best enjoyed with friends, old and new!

Juliette Recompsat

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Juliettere Recompsat

Raised in the Rockies, Juliette made her first turns at Sunshine, Lake Louise and Norquay. Her travels since then have taken her to every continent, but she’s always been drawn back to home turf and is stoked to be representing the Ski Big 3 resorts this winter. Juliette spends her days working in tourism marketing, her evenings thinking about powder turns and her weekends at home in the mountains. She’s pretty much positive that she was a better (read: fearless) skier at ten years old than she’ll ever be as an adult, but that that doesn’t stop her from making the most of all the resorts have to offer!

Kate Targett

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Kate Targett

Kate Targett is a freeskier based out of Calgary/Canmore, Alberta. She is an environmental consultant and freeride coach with the Calgary Freeriderz. In the off-season, Kate works for her winters in a field based position taking her to remote locations all throughout Alberta and BC. This lifestyle allows her to have the best of both worlds, a professional career in the environmental sector and winters filled with powder, friends and adventure. Originally coming from a mogul skiing background, Kate has travelled and competed all over the world. This winter she will continue to pursue her professional ski dream using a sled and skis as her daily adventure tools, while working on various film and photo projects.

Louis Panning-Osendarp

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Louis Panning-Osendarp

Being born and raised in Canmore made it easy for Lou to find his love of skiing. After learning to ski on the bunny hill at Norquay chasing his older brother, he progressed to Sunshine where he took lessons and honed in his ski abilities. At 9 years old he joined the Rocky Mountain Freeriders, which sparked his interest in competing. Since then, he has podiumed in Wrangle the Chute at Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, and has been a first place finisher at the Lake Louise Big Mountain Challenge three years in a row. When Louis isn’t competing he can be found touring the backcountry or coaching the ULLR Ski Team, training young skiers to gain confidence and skill for competitions.

Luke Sudermann

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Luke Sudermann

Luke has been in the Bow Valley since he was ten-years-old. He snowboards at all three resorts frequently , and started skiing at Norquay when his family moved from Winnipeg to Calgary. He would ski with the Nancy Green ski club and the Bow Valley Quickies, until he eventually started snowboarding. He has competed in Slopestyle and halfpipe, and went to nationals in 2007. He loves to ride powder and big mountain, and in the spring the terrain parks. He never misses the change to ride the North American on a powder day.

Michael Hall

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Michael Hall

Mikey first learned to ski at the age of 12 on dry slopes in England where he grew up. When he was 18, he spent a ski season living and working at Sunshine Village where the light, fluffy snow and huge expanse of stunning peaks blew his mind. He left for university studies, but could never get the Rockies out of his head, and returned to Banff permanently in 2009. Since then, he has tried to ski as much as possible – averaging over 100 ski days a season. He likes it all, but his obsession is steep, technical and exposed alpine terrain which the local resorts serve up in abundance. His favourite part about the Bow Valley is the incredibly warm and welcoming local community.

Michelle Brazier


Michelle is from Toronto, Ontario and started skiing when she was 3 years old.  She grew up travelling to the Rockies on family ski holidays, and answered the call to the mountains after university. Michelle loves the endless variety of skiing in the Banff area, and she values the strong sense of mountain community in the Bow Valley. When she’s not skiing at the SkiBig3 resorts, she enjoys backcountry ski touring, rock climbing, hiking, and yoga.  Her favourite colour is pink, she loves a good cup of coffee, and her spirit animal is the unicorn.  Michelle is an ACMG Assistant Hiking Guide and a 200-hour RYT yoga instructor.

Michelle Locke

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Michelle Locke

Michelle started riding on the icy slopes of Newfoundland until moving to Banff 22 years ago. In Alaska in 2008 where she entered her first Freeride competition, and the following season she won the overall North American title after competing on a series of qualifying Freeride events, “The North Face Masters”, and has since won the overall for the America’s four times in total. She is the current overall champ for the America’s which qualifies her to be the only female Canadian snowboarder heading to vy for her shot at the world title this upcoming season on the Freeride World Tour. In 2015 Michelle became the first female Canadian Snowboarder to ever qualify for FWT.

Renee McCurdy

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Rene McCurdy

Growing up in the Calgary outskirts, playing hockey and running competitive track and field, Renee picked up some skis in university and never looked back. Finding a love for big terrain as a ski patroller for Lake Louise, she began to compete in Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) events. The exposure and endless big lines make these mountains the perfect playground for freeride skiing. Being passionate about skiing is an understatement, as almost every day off is spent in ski boots. Finishing up her nursing degree, Renee aspires to find that perfect work-ski balance that every ski bum dreams of.

Simon Ennals

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Simon Ennals

Originally from the UK Simon’s passion for photography and mountain life has taken him around the world. From living in the French Alps and the Southern Alps of New Zealand to now living amongst the Canadian Rockies. Living in mountain towns gives Simon the perfect way to combine some of his biggest passions of snowboarding and capturing amazing landscapes and is excited to now do this as part of the Ski Big 3 Ambassador team.

Sue Shih

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Sue Shih

It wasn’t until Sue was 27 that she first touched snow. “Coming from Taiwan, everything in Canada was so new and fresh and clean.” Her first experience on snow was sliding down a snowbank at Rogers Pass in a parking lot, and now, many years later she is lucky enough to call Banff home. Choosing to live in an active mountain town and make this her life is an opportunity for her to be active and live large everyday. Sue considers herself lucky to call this place home, and is happy to share the stoke with the community. She believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and being active is a big part of it.

Tori Anderson

SkiBig3 Ambassador 19/20 Tori Anderson

Tori Anderson grew up in Cochrane, AB where she was bred to rip and shred in a family of O.G. Bow Valley ski-bums. Her grandpa spent his youth chasing every mountaineering approach in the Rocky Mountains and her father grew up competing on the Alberta Downhill team. Those shred-heavy genes continued as Tori spent her childhood pushing through school, only to chase fresh turns every weekend while ski racing with Nancy Green. She’s now training towards competing in Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) competitions whist spending the last 5 years skiing back-to-back seasons between Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

Travis Rousseau


Travis grew up at and around ski hills his whole life, whether it be Luge in Calgary or snowboarding in the mountains on the weekends. A decade ago Travis decided to ditch Calgary for Lake Louise. After moving out to the mountains Travis spent lots of time skiing until Lake Louise Ski Resort brought him on as a patroller for a year. Learning so much more about the resort, he fell further in love with this place and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon! Travis has been spending lots of time lately with photography trying to show the world how beautiful and incredible this place is.

Will Lambert


Will left his home and job in Sheffield, England as a car salesman back in 2014 planning on one winter ski season in the French Alps. Since then he’s chased the mountains, season after season in pursuit of new and exciting terrain. Working in France, Austria, Canada and USA as a ski holiday guide, his passion for skiing has become more of a lifestyle. He’s been a Banff local now for the past couple of years and loves the area. In the winter you’ll find him at the SkiBig3 resorts and ski touring in the backcountry, snapping photos along the way. His endeavor to create engaging and immersive images pushes him to climb new peaks, chase sunrises/sets and wait for the most elusive of wildlife.


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